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Pacific Stone – Reserve OG (3.5g)


A classic strain. Strong head high and potent pain relief.
  • Indica
  • THC 19.28%
  • 1/8th
  • Sun grown light deprivation

Private Reserve OG (also known as OG #18) is a deceptively potent (THC levels reported at around 20%), not-ideal-for-newer-consumers, blissful, deep-thought-promoting and body-comforting, Indica-Dominant, evening hybrid descendant of OG Kush. Commonly sedating, couch-locking and (inevitably) sleepy, this is a sour, earthy, diesel and (yup) OG Kush-y strain.

  • Indica
  • THC 19%
  • 1/8th
  • Sun grown light deprivation


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