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Brite Labs Vape – Headband 500mg


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HIGH POTENCY PAX ERA POD – THC: 86.8%. GDP (aka Granddaddy Purple) is an indica-dominant cross between Purple Urkle X Big Bud. With a sweet grape and earthy berry flavor and aroma profile, GDP’s effects are described as a healthy, potent mix of cerebral euphoria and sedative, relaxation for the body.

The botanical integrity found in Brite’s 100% cannabis oil blends perfectly with the advanced temperature control and discretion that Pax Labs is known for. Brite offers a range of strain-specific oils for the Pax Era device that provide a wide variety of effects to suit your preference. Closest to flower.

  • Indica
  • THC: 83%
  • 500mg
  • Requires PAX ERA




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Brite Labs Vape – Headband 500mg
Out of stock