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Greenline – Blaze 3.5g


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CATEGORIES: Flower Premium

Blaze is a historic strain from the 1970s that still holds down the title of most potent sativa on the market by breeders and smokers alike. It was originally made by crossing Blueberry and Haze strains, but over the years there have been minor variations. These extremely powerful nugs test at an average of 20% THC and boast a bright palette of blueberry, grape, citrus, and herbs. The aromas, much like the flavors, are reminiscent of a cobbler, but with a slight twinge of earth. The buds are small and minty green with orange hairs and a slight dusting of white trichomes. To say that Blaze is beautiful is an understatement, as these flowers should be the poster children of weed everywhere.

Because this one is so strong from the jump, Blaze comes with a firm warning not to smoke if you are prone to anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health issues that can be agitated by racing thoughts. With all of that said, those who don’t will be hit almost instantly with a razor-sharp focus and an increase in energy. Now is the time to plow through that to-do list, as the cerebral rush that comes over you pairs perfectly with daytime activities and will have you bright-eyed for hours.

Blaze lends itself nicely to conditions such as mild to moderate depression and fatigue because of its extremely energetic properties. It is also highly beneficial for cases of chronic migraine, fibromyalgia, cramps, eye pressure, and glaucoma. If you’ve had a long day full of pain, Blaze is just the thing you need to relax and slip into a calming evening.

Sativa lovers – you’ve found your perfect bud. This strain gives you all of the classic traits of a sativa with the smokability of a vape. Because of its spicy undertones and fruit forward flavors, consider baking with Blaze. It lends well to spiced apples, cobblers, or tarts.

  • Hybrid
  • THC 27%
  • 1/8th
  • Indoor


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Greenline – Blaze 3.5g
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