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HABIT Sparkling Kiwi Cooler 100mg


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Customize your dose, easily craft multiple cannabis cocktails with 2-10mg

Easy dose shot glass included: 2mg per 0.25oz

Mix with sparkling water, craft a cocktail or drink it straight.

Less than 2 grams of sugar per 5mg serving

Sweetened with natural fruit sugars

No High fructose corn syrup

Craft brewed in small batches using real fruit

No cannabis taste

Ultra rapid onset

Multiple award winning

When you’re looking for a refreshing drink that also provides the medicinal benefits, no one does it better than Habit Sparkling Beverages. Habit Sparkling Kiwi Beverage is carbonated and refreshing, giving you the fizziness you want out of a soft drink, but the natural Kiwi taste you crave. At the end of a long day, chill out with Habit Sparkling Kiwi Beverage.



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HABIT Sparkling Kiwi Cooler 100mg