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Glass House Pre-Roll Tropic Heat – 1g


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Not every strain can bear the name True OG with a straight face, but not every strain wears its OG Kush lineage with such pride (or as many awards). This pungent plant, aka Kobe OG, hails from SoCal and imparts a complex high that relaxes the body, calms the nerves, and soothes the mind. If it’s those classic citrus-pine-gas flavors and legendary OG effects you’re after, this one’s an honest winner.

Feelings: Soothed, Relaxed, Purified

Flavor: Citrus & Sage & Gas, Good Green Grass

Usage: Looking Inward, Spiritual Cleaning, Deep Relaxation

FlowerBerryCitrusHappyIndicaLavenderLift Your SpiritsRelaxedUplifted


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Glass House Pre-Roll Tropic Heat – 1g
Out of stock