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Nfuzed Gummies – Sour 2:1 THC/CBD 100mg


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  • Climb aboard the dream train! NFuzed is here to help you get some shut eye with our Fast-Acting, Super Indica Sleep Gummy. Our chemists have formulated an exclusive blend of cannabinoids and melatonin to help create a tranquil, mellow feeling. Packed with the original flavors you’ve come to know & love, we have created another innovative product that will have you drifting into a nocturnal state of ultimate relaxation. Our unique blend works in conjunction with the body’s natural sleep cycle, creating a blissfully cerebral high that will melt you into your pillow with its relaxing sedative effects. NFuzed Sleep is the only rapid onset sleep gummy on the market with such a euphoric indica terpene blend that will help you fall asleep fast and wake up fully refreshed.




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